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Whether elegant, exciting, classic, or puristic – the evening dress is the queen among the dresses! The noble robe lets you forget everyday life and turns the night into a glamorous experience. Incidentally, this tradition of uplifting for very special occasions is no coincidence: as early as the 17th and 18th centuries, the wealthy ladies turned to flow robes that could not be pompous and extravagant enough. Although the modern evening dress of today has much more fashionable scope and impresses with incredible versatility, but is still chosen today only for very special events!

Backless, with a low-cut neckline, long sleeves, bustier top or fine camisole straps – while the fashionable variety of evening dress almost no limits are set, there is an important fashion feature that distinguishes it from cocktail dress: The noble robe should Be Made of the finest materials such as silk, satin, tulle or chiffon and must be approximately floor-length! You are looking for an evening dress? Then find out in our ultimate styling guide which dresses suits best for which occasion, what you have to keep in mind with various dress codes and how you ultimately put the noble piece into the limelight!


The invitation to the wedding of the best friend prescribed “Black Tie”, “Cravate Noire” or “small company train”? Then that means for you: A long, elegant evening dress must come! Even the appearance on the red carpet or the visit of a fine vernissage calls for the most classic of all style codes. You love it elegant and timeless? Then choose a soft, flowing fabric like silk and a feminine, figure-flattering cut. A bustier top or a Carmen neckline, for example, ideally set off your shoulders, while a subtle A-line also suits female curves very well. Do you want to make for a little style of surprise? Then choose a high-necked, tight evening dress with sparkling stand-up collar and a sensual, low neckline! You are the total style purist? Then grab the monochrome model with asymmetric décolleté.

No Go’s for your “Black Tie” look? Eye-catching patterns like paisley or zigzag, patterned tights, socks, eye-catching party make-up!


However, when you read “White Tie,” “Cravate Blanche, or Big Party Band” on your invitation, it gets especially glamorous and you’re invited to either a state banquet, an opera ball, or a royal reception! Congratulations, you are now part of the high society – and should also start accordingly! But do not panic, here too, with the right choice, you can easily make for the really big styling cinema. Our fashion tip? Go for the whole and be an absolute glamor queen for one evening! Exciting fabrics such as brocade, lace, tulle or jacquard, elaborate embellishments and beadwork, lush silhouettes with dragging or bowing, everything is allowed as long as you like it! If there is a dress code that allows a touch of haute couture, then it is the “White Tie”! Sparkling mermaid shapes in an all-over sequin look, pink-gold embellishments and gentle trend colors in nude-chic such as cappuccino, alto pink or ivory are especially popular at the moment.

No, Go’s for your “White Tie” look? Too short evening dress, materials like cotton or linen, socks or patterned nylon stockings, playful patterns like flowers or polka dots!


It is the culmination of every school career and should be celebrated extensively and festive: The Abi-Ball! Accordingly, this unique occasion also requires a very special, floor-length dress. Above all, there is a fashion rule: Allowed is what you like. Whether glamorous, classic or minimalist, the main thing is, you feel comfortable with your choice. The good? Even the trends of the season leave you plenty of room for styling: Elegant prom dresses in the Elie Saab look with feminine, transparent lace inserts and flowing, floor-length tulle skirts are just as popular as sleek, plain-colored models with an understated look. Do you want to give your styling a cheeky twist? Then instead of the classic evening dress, grab the modern ensemble consisting of a high-waisted maxi skirt and a sophisticated crop top! Make sure, however, that the stylish duo reveals only a hand’s breadth of skin, otherwise the look is not elegant enough.

In terms of color, your Abi dress will be happy to beam with you: Whether rich red nuances, an extravagant pink, noble blue tones or even shimmering emerald green, choose an exciting trend nuance that will catch your eye! A classic

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