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Build DIY furniture yourself

Even the woman is – even when it comes to furniture! Because there are countless ideas for great DIY furniture that enchant your home with a lot of charm and character. Whether home-made pallet furniture or pieces of furniture from fruit or wine boxes – Hobby home improvement workers are today almost no limits, resulting in a variety of great, individual furniture.

Whether table, wardrobe, bed or shelf – with little tools, wood, and skill, almost everything can be done today. And even if the furniture is not carpenter quality, you can let off steam and bring your beautiful ideas to life. We have summarized some tips and suggestions for you to accompany you in your private carpentry and DIY career.

Pallet furniture for house, terrace, and balcony

The beauty of furniture from old Euro pallets is not only the cool, casual look but also sustainability. More and more people are following the “upcycling” trend, which means nothing more than “making old out of old”. The trend, which originated about 20 years ago, has arrived for some time. That’s great, because not only does it make a lot of fun with the pallets, we can also look forward to cheap, individual DIY furniture. If you want to make it easy, simply stack a few pallets on top of each other to make a table or bench. Of course, more elaborate pieces of furniture make a lot more, but also require a little more work.

We have discovered that our members have tried a lot and achieved great results. Whether you want a bed, a shelf, a coffee table or a garden lounge – wooden pallets can be used in a variety of ways. While the raw wood enchants your interior with a rustic industrial design flair, the sturdy outdoor material defies wind and weather. If you seal your pallet garden chairs and tables with a weatherproof wood finish, you can also look forward to long-lasting, stylish garden furniture.

Wine boxes and fruit boxes as a versatile furniture material

Make sure that no matter how much work you put into your home-made furniture, that you neatly sand down the rough wood and remove old nails and screws. So you avoid splinters and strong wear of upholstery and other decorated textiles.

Wine boxes and fruit boxes as a versatile furniture material
Surely you have already discovered them in decoration and interior shops: Old fruit boxes and wine boxes. Because the old transport helpers for wine and fruit are wonderful for the DIY of furniture. Whether as a small side table, as a wall shelf or wardrobe – the boxes provide plenty of storage space and have a very special charm.

If you decide to mount the boxes as a shelf on your wall, you should make sure that you choose only stable models. So you can also place books and other heavy objects in it. In addition, the arrangement of the boxes does not always have to be uniform. Here you can play with the shapes and let your creativity run wild.

Make your own furniture with finds from nature

Sometimes a trip to nature is the best inspiration for designing your interior. Whether on the beach or in the forest – where you will find many beautiful things that are suitable for building or decorating furniture. The great advantage of this is that natural materials not only provide a great, balanced atmosphere, they are also free!

In addition to a decorative, stable branch that can be perfectly used as a wardrobe, you can also transform your bed with sleek birch trunks to the four-poster bed. But even a piece of driftwood can quickly become a nice keyboard or a presentation space for jewelry and chains.

You have just cut down the trees and shrubs in your garden? Then use the branches to make a wreath or braid, which, in combination with a string of lights, becomes a beautiful lamp.

You are looking for ideas and inspirations for great DIY furniture? Then you are exactly right in our SoLebIch gallery. Here you will find the most beautiful homemade pieces of furniture of our members, which will be the perfect inspiration for your own “do it yourself project”

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