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Elegant interior home decor for wallpapers idea

A high on the wallpaper! The noble wall covering was reserved for the royal family and the nobility only a few centuries ago. With the increasing industrialization, tapestries became affordable for everyone in the 19th century and since then homes, houses, cafes, kindergartens, and schools have been decorating. After about twenty years of white wall paint, the wallpaper is finally back and celebrates its great revival! The selection is now bigger than ever, and well-known painters and graphic artists beautify quality wallpaper with their signature unmistakable.

Different materials for different requirements

So that you do not lose track, you first think about the best material you would like to have in your apartment. Non-woven wallpapers, for example, have a soft, warm surface and you can easily attach them yourself. In addition, they are robust and angel big. Also, photo wallpapers are available as non-woven wallpaper and have the advantage that they can be printed at will. Especially individual: Just let your own designs and photos large-format print on your wallpaper.

So that you do not lose track, you first think about the best material you would like to have in your apartment.

From paper, however, there is the so-called embossed wallpaper. Since the pattern is punched with pressure into the surface of the wallpaper, it is particularly vivid and can also be felt. Printed vinyl wallpaper, on the other hand, is a great choice if you want to decorate your kitchen or a nursery. They are washable and also withstand steam and moisture. Unusual but very nice are wallpapers made of natural materials. Particularly filigree wallpaper made of grass, bamboo or linen are in fashion and have also an ecological significance.

Individual prints for an intense living experience

Wallpapers are very versatile and you will find under warranty the right one for your apartment! Current trends at and at are summery wallpapers that combine graphic prints with filigree plant pictures. Even metallic wallpaper or strictly geometric patterns in the style of the 60s are in hot demand and decorate ethnic apartments or houses in a vintage look.

Opulent, exotic prints of tropical ferns and animals give your home that certain something and harmonize perfectly with heavy dark furniture and wood. For a particularly beautiful effect, you should include the size, the cut and the light in your apartment when buying the wallpaper. Wallpapers are currently working in large rooms and need plenty of space to develop their charm. Especially in a small room, it only makes sense to wallpaper only one wall. Alternatively, you use the wallpaper as an ornament and wallpaper a large stretcher, which you attach as an oversized painting on your wall.

You can also create very good contrasts with your wallpaper. Baroque furniture or the clean country house style is particularly

You can also create very good contrasts with your wallpaper. Baroque furniture or the clean country house style is particularly interesting if you stage them in the field of tension between ombre wallpapers or paper wallpapers in industrial chic. Conversely, a living room in the Shabby Chick is particularly individual if you decorate it with classic wallpaper or colorful floral wallpaper.

Tips for buying wallpaper

You can usually buy wallpapers from the roll. These are available in different sizes and widths. The price is subject to enormous fluctuations, depending on whether you want to buy simple Rascha wallpaper or the designer wallpaper in limited quantities.

Tip: To make it easier to compare the price, pay close attention to the price per square meter. Incidentally, the offer is currently online. For example, in wallpapers online shops, the wall covering is sorted by color, theme and current collections. If you want to get a better feel for your new wallpaper, you can just order a small pattern to your home. Pay attention to the rapport when buying. It describes how often a pattern repeats within the width of the wallpaper. Small, irregular patterns like stripes, for example, have a very short rapport. When wallpapering you have accordingly little plan and can just get started. A large rapport, as you can find it in artistic, floral patterns, however, requires planning skills and basic skills in wallpapering.

If you need more information about the range or the exact characteristics of wallpaper, you best use the service offer of your wallpaper online shop

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